Gun Printing – What Does the Future Hold – Good or Bad Idea?


Gun Printing – What Does the Future Hold – Good or Bad Idea?

October 2nd, 2014

As many people may already be aware, 3-D Printing has entered the arena of firearm manufacturing. Defense Distributed, an organization committed to open source files which instruct 3-D printers to produce firearms and components, are getting ready to release another publicly attainable device which can produce an aluminum lower receiver. Named the The Ghost Gunner, it is able to mill the lower receiver of an AR-15 type rifle.

In our discussions with gun owners and 2nd amendment advocates, there seems to be division, or at least uncertainty, in regards to how to this technology will evolve and even whether it should. It seems an obvious target for regulation (it has already drawn much attention in government and law enforcement circles), but oddly enough even some pro-liberty and 2nd amendment advocates aren’t quite comfortable giving full support… yet.

With 3-D printing technology beginning to reach commodity-level  pricing (think of how cheap color inkjets/copier/scanner are today versus even 5 years ago), it is an unstoppable reality that do-it-yourself manufacturing will continue to grow and become simpler and cheaper.

We wonder what you think? Do you think this is a good thing, bad, or indifferent? Should it be unregulated, lightly regulated, or banned? Does this draw even more heat to the already over-scrutinized firearms industry?

We are curious to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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