H.R. 3999

In my last post on October 20th, I thought the push for gun control had all but vanished, largely because the attitudes of the American people were unchanged by the Vegas shooting. As a result, the Democrats were advised by their leadership to chill on the gun control issue with elections approaching in 2018.

I came across an article from the Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) in which they state this:

“A rogues’ gallery of House Republicans are recruiting Democrats and have just introduced what could be the most sweeping gun-control legislation to come before Congress in a very long time… it’s legislation that some are claiming could literally ban the MERE POSSESSION of just about EVERY semi-automatic rifle on the market today!”

Maybe the real reason Democrats are standing aside is their Republican counter parts are picking up the gun control mantel for them. Could it be that the Republicans would actually do this? It appears so the bill is H.R. 3999 and is introduced by the Republican Carlos Curbelo and has both Republican and Democratic co-sponsors.

What makes this bill so dangerous is that is written with very broad and non-descript language. As a result it could be used to ban BAN the possession of many rifle accessories; such as, MAGAZINES, trigger enhancements really anything that someone deems can increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle.

The other insidious and deceptive trick is the bill isn’t labeled as a gun control measure. It states that it is simply a bump stock ban and the word bump stock isn’t in the legislation.

This bill is very dangerous and can have wide ranging implications on our second amendment rights.

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