New Gun Laws

The Michigan Senate passed several gun bills on Wednesday 11-8-2017. One bill would allow concealed carry in schools.

Another bill dealt with a lawsuit on behalf of foster parent’s gun rights. People who wanted to be foster parents argued that their gun rights were being infringed upon by the state, which allowed foster parents to own guns. However, the law forced them to keep their guns in a locked place while locking their ammunition in a separate location. Trigger guards were also required, as well as registering handguns.

Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, sponsored Senate Bill 527. It allows foster parents to carry a gun on their person in the presence of a child. This bill should send a message to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services that they can’t deny people their gun rights because they want to be foster parents.


“I think the Department of Health and Human Services should be very careful with the fact that they perceive owning guns a reason not to let people have foster kids.” Casperson said.

You can learn more on this bill and the others here.