If you’re like me, you are getting sick of seeing these Antifa types dressed in black, wearing masks, and creating havoc wherever they show up. What generally happens is they get physical with otherwise peaceful people, create traffic jams, scream at police, start fires, etc. And of course, nothing usually happens, and it’s rare that someone stands up to them.

In the UK recently, a group of these black clad, mask wearing, anti-hunting types showed up at a fox hunt. It was initially the same thing they usually do – yell and stand in the way. But when one got physical and grabbed a horse’s bridal and started to yank on it, the women rider repeatedly told him to let go. When he refused, she started to whip him with her riding crop! This action was dangerous and could have caused the women to be thrown from her horse (thankfully she didn’t). It was clearly self-defense and he got what he deserved.

If you want to read more and see the video of this event, then go here.