Gun Control – Argue From First Principles

Argue From First Principles

Today’s March 25th, 2018, and I want to talk about guns and gun violence. So, to set the foundation, I emphatically claim that there’s not a gun owning Second Amendment believing person in this country that isn’t totally heartbroken over what happened in Florida, and all other school shootings. To suggest otherwise is just dishonest and cruel.

Groups of law-abiding citizens like the NRA that exist to protect and watch-guard our God given rights denoted in the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment (and I would add the First Amendment also), have done nothing but promote safe and responsible gun ownership throughout the years.

All these people that want to demonize them don’t know anything about the organization, and so there’s multiple things to talk about.

First, we all are praying for these victims, and we all are sick with what we see, but gun control and further infringement of the Second Amendment rights is not the answer. We just know it isn’t.

The statistics, our own government statistics don’t bear it out. They just don’t. When you’re dealing with a situation like this, you can either approach it rationally or emotionally, and I understand those that are close to the situation, especially that are reacting with their feelings and emotions. I mean, I get it, and I don’t want to deny that there’s that true pain there. There is.

But to react emotionally and have legislation and so forth based on emotional reactions is never, ever, a good policy. When we approach this subject, we must start with what is the fundamental and foundational parts of the issue. Your argument MUST start with first principles, with the reality that presuppositions exist and must be identified. So, this is it. We must acknowledge our Constitution, whether you like it or not, protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It does, and they made it the Second Amendment, showing its importance, right after free speech and everything in the First Amendment.

That’s a God given right. It’s not given by the government, it’s a God given right to self-defense. The Constitution enumerates that right, and those that swore an oath to the Constitution (our elected officials) are there to protect that right on our behalf. Whether they personally like the right or not is irrelevant. The right is there. The right never goes away, regardless of whether it is enumerated in the Constitution. Let’s get that straight. Its God given.

Even if they were to overturn the Second Amendment by amending the Constitution, the right doesn’t go away. It just means that the Constitution no longer protects it, which then means the government doesn’t protect it, which means that the protection of that right falls into the individual’s hands.

We begin with that basic fact, that the Constitution protects and acknowledges our right to self-defense, to keep and bear arms. Then we argue from there, it’s the starting presupposition. If that’s the given, that’s the foundational truth we must work with, whether you like it or not, then we have to say, “Well, what is going on with these school shootings? What do we do?”
So, you can’t really infringe upon the Second Amendment. It’s already been infringed upon in a lot of ways, and we’ve allowed it to happen, but here’s the deal. There’s a certain limit to the infringement that’s tolerable, and the move that they want to make by eliminating certain types of firearms is too far, as I will explain.

The two main reasons you have the Second Amendment is for self-defense, and the other is for defense as a people against a tyrannical government. Now, when you’re thinking about self-defense, people say, “Well, why do you need an “assault rifle?” Well, you know what? If the guy breaking into your home has one, then you have the right to have one, too. You need to.

Having those certain types of arms gives you an advantage or at least levels the playing field of someone breaking into your home. So, having semi-automatics, whether they’re pistols or an AR platform rifle, is not something that can be infringed upon. You can’t just take it down to a muzzleloader, bolt action or something like that. You can’t do it. Why? You have the self-protection aspect, where you must have the advantage or at least a level playing field against the person breaking in, who’s trying to harm you or your family. But the other, on the government side, we must maintain a level of threat to the government that actually accomplishes the goal of giving them pause over their tyranny.

Because if they think that they can overwhelm the populous, then tyranny will move forward. Don’t think that the reality of millions of people armed with semiautomatic weapons is not a deterrent to tyranny. It absolutely is. Those that make the argument, “well, it’s nothing against the government, they’ll just come in with tanks and planes, and they’ll send in troops and this and that,” well you know what? That is not going to overwhelm a million people with semiautomatic firearms.

Here’s the thing, most of the armed forces that would be commanded to participate in a military strike against the civil population of the United States won’t do it. They won’t follow that order. So, you’re going to have a limited amount of people that would be willing to strike against their own families and friends and communities, and troops will be overwhelmed going in, if you have enough civil population armed.

So, having that level of threat and protection is necessary, and it can’t be infringed on any further. It must be there.

Let’s circle back to schools now. So, the Second Amendment protects our right to defend ourselves. It says so. Self-defense, okay? So, what do we do with these schools? You take a look at a school, and what we’ve done is we’ve taken away their right to self-defense. We’re not protecting the school as an institution with a right to self-defense. As an institution filled with people that have the right to self-defense. Their Second Amendment rights are taken away, because we make them gun free zones.

If you are a psychopath, a psycho killer that wants to shoot some place up, well, there it is. Any one of the schools, you stick a big sign out front, “Gun free zone.” You’re basically saying, “Here are all our precious children in a government facility and we’re unarmed. We’re not going to do anything. We’re not going to have the ability to do anything so come on in. Have at it.” That’s basically what we’re saying.

How insane is that? The people that protect this kind of crap, that set up these gun free zones, then they get angry and blame the NRA and every law-abiding citizen that owns firearms because these evil atrocities happen! They’re the unfeeling, stupid fools that make these shootings possible, by creating an environment where self-defense is not protected by the Constitution, it is infringed upon!

Schools, here’s the deal. Decades ago, you’d have kids with gun racks in their cars, people left the doors unlocked, and you had an environment where there was “Christian capital” in the culture, where people were civil. People were law abiding, and evil wasn’t as rampant. But now, due to all kinds of factors, you have all kinds of crazy, evil people out there. You don’t know when one of them is going to snap like this kid, like any of these people that go in and shoot up schools.

So, you must be able to protect against it. You must be able to deal with the reality that we have people that are over-medicated on psychotropic drugs, that are influenced and depressed, manipulated by social media, victims of broken families, intoxicated by violence everywhere, in movies and media, entertainment and video games, all these negative influences. God’s been eradicated from our culture, kids are consciously or unconsciously absorbing the idea from what they are taught that they are nothing but evolved pond-scum without meaning and purpose. God’s wrath is upon the land, by removing his hand of restraint over evil.

This is our reality, so what do we do? Well, we certainly don’t take all our precious children, send them into a government facility and say, “You can’t defend yourself!”

It’s absolutely insane!

So, what can be done? Well, there can be armed, trained guards. Teachers can be trained to use firearms if need be. There’s plenty of ways. Even just to secure the school wouldn’t cost that much and could be done. One thing that could be done is simple. Most schools are built out of cinder blocks for goodness sakes. I mean, the walls are thick and heavy, they’re not easily penetrated by bullets, so if you just had a bulletproof door put on each classroom, at least they could be safe until the shooter was taken out. Those doors could have locks that are solid and the door itself could be bulletproof. If there’s a window, it’s bulletproof, and the rest of the door is bulletproof, so at least you have a level of protection there until the situation is arrested. There could be gas systems installed, so that the hallways get flooded with tear gas or something that takes the shooter out.

We can have detection systems at the main entrances of the school, so that there’s proper metal detection and surveillance. Surveillance could start outside the school, so that if anyone suspicious is approaching, the doors can be locked until the person can be cleared.

Why is it we can protect other government facilities (like the ones the politicians inhabit), but we can’t protect our schools? Have you ever visited a capitol building?

I mean, there’s all kinds of things that can be done. But to leave our schools unprotected, unarmed, and defenseless, and then put a big sign out front saying “Gun Free Zone” is absolutely irresponsible and immoral. Because I don’t care what you do with gun control, the criminals will always have guns, always, always. What are you going to do once guns can be fully 3-D printed in your house? What are you going to do?

Those that want weapons are going to get weapons.

A final thought, just circling back to the home defense thing. Say you take away guns, so a criminal comes in your house with a big knife, do you want to have to try to fight the guy with a knife? You with a knife against him with a knife? No, you want to have the advantage! You don’t want to end up getting hacked to pieces, trying to stop this guy with a knife, or a baseball bat, or whatever.

You want to be able to take him out from a distance. All these things are common sense, and all these arguments come forth from the foundational fact of the Second Amendment. If you don’t like this, the only choice you have is to repeal the Second Amendment, and once you do that, it’s over. Because the only two groups that will have weapons will be criminals and the government, and as government gains more and more power, there’s not much difference between the two of those.

Learn from history, don’t repeat it. This is something where we really should say “Do it for the children.”