Why Training is Important

I have been taking Krav Maga for several years. As with every martial art repetitive training is essential. The reason for this is that in a high stress situation you will react the way that you were trained. There won’t be a lot of thought, you will just respond to the threat as trained. The same holds true for firearms training.

In an article entitled, Training for Dummies: Set Yourself Up for Failure, the author discusses the importance of training with firearms. As he states, “There are two undeniable truths when it comes to shooting: Firearms skills are perishable, and mechanical failures will eventually happen. Both of these are reasons why shooters need to practice clearing malfunctions.

The author makes the point there are firearms failures such as jams, double feeds etc. He stresses the importance to train for these failures, so that when they happen you will react appropriately. Just like training for martial arts, repetitive training allows for decreased reaction time in high stress situations.

The article offers some great tips and suggestions for some common gun failures and some great practice suggestions, like the use of dummy rounds to practice with.

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