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Howard B. Linett, Esq. - Certified Sniper Instructor, DHS, NRA Instructor, Counter-Terrorism Expert

“Very few carefully selected products ever come into contact with my beloved sniper rifle, my ArmaLite AR10-(T). BarrelBuddy has been added to this exclusive group. They are more effective than patches. They coat the barrel evenly – 360 degrees. I especially like the way they apply bore cleaning paste. BarrelBuddy is now a standard item on my gun cleaning bench and in my Grab-n-Go gear.”

Bob Wallis - Special Agent, DHS, ICE

“I have spent 40 years in law enforcement. I’ve used just about every product on the market to clean my firearms. This one is now my favorite. The circular cleaning within the bore cleans the grooves better than anything I’ve seen. I like that the product is disposable, where some other products require that you either wash them, or drag old dirt back through the bore. I hope that our law enforcement officers and our military war-fighters will take advantage of this great product.”

Charles W. Crotser - High Power Competitor, NRA Certified Instructor, Vintage Rifle Mechanic

“I’m Impressed!” Charlie was one of our product testing experts. An accomplished high power rifle competitor and NRA certified instructor, Charlie is obsessive and meticulous about maintaining his competition firearms.

Doug Williams - Instructor and Weapons Master

“As a long time shooter, instructor and retained Weapons Master for various full length feature movie sets, TV sets and short feature sets, I can honestly state that no other product has come close to cleaning my weapons with ease like BarrelBuddy.”

Christopher Swanson - Undersheriff, Office of Genesee County, Michigan

“BarrelBuddy does an excellent job cleaning the rifling of the barrel. We are customers for life!”

Robert Wilson - Game Hunter from Texas

“What a great product! Not only did I clean my 2 rifles in about ½ the time it use to take me using the patches. I honestly feel like I cleaned them much better as well! After I was finished I sat and wondered how I could possibly use the 200 patches I still had. About 1 minute later the patches were in the trash and I found myself online ordering more of the BarrelBuddy! If you value your guns like I do mine, start using the BarrelBuddy…you will be glad you did!”

Mike – Excellent Product!
Clean much better than the regular cotton patches with a whole lot less mess. The scrubber tip works great in removing carbon. After I got my first pack, I stocked up on them. I recommend you give them a try.

Tyler – Incredible Product
I HATE cleaning with patches. Theyre so inconsistent and messy, and just an all-around hassle. These foams were PERFECT for my Glock 27 and 43, and did the job, first try! They scrub well, and prevent the mess of cleaner/oil getting all over the place. I feel like I’m using so much less product and effort to get a better result than traditional cleaning. Well done!

Joel – Easy to Use
i use these in my 243,25.06,7mm mag,30-30,270,30.06 rifles with great ease of use and you can see what you’re cleaning out of the rifling in your barrel in the stripes the rifling leaves on the Barrel Buddy.

Mike – Better than anticipated
Just looking at these gave me an indication they would be great to use. After using them, my expectations we surpassed. Instead of running many patches through my 5.56 barrel, I’m only running three or four BarrelBuddy plugs. I also believe my gun is cleaner using these. I bought some for every caliber firearm I own.

Stephen – Thorough new way to clean firearms
I saw this product demonstrated at an USCCA conference in Pittsburgh, PA and was impressed with the samples that were given away free and ordered Barrel Buddy product for all my firearm calibers. I highly recommend this new way of firearm cleaning.

Ken – No Mess, No Fuss
I’ve been a Police Officer in Texas for 32yrs and have cleaned a few guns. I wish we would had the Barrel Buddy when I had to clean my guns. I like the no mess cleaning especially cleaning my guns at home.

Martha – Best Cleaning Material
This is the best product ever designed for cleaning guns. I’ve bought these several times and used them on my .22, 9mm, .380 and .38 caliber pistols. They are less messy than patches and the scrubber end really gets into the grooves of the gun barrels. I don’t need to use as much cleaning solvents/oils to get the job done. I am a very satisfied customer of this product.



How many BarrelBuddy’s come in a bag and how many gun cleanings will that be?

All sizes come with approximately 50 BarrelBuddy’s, except the Blue size (16 & 20 Gauge) which has 40, and the Brown size (12 & 10 Gauge), which has 35. How many cleanings you get depends on many factors – number of rounds shot, quality of rounds, etc. – but the biggest factor is how well you maintain your firearm. A properly maintained firearm will come clean with 3-5 BarrelBuddy’s, providing you with 10-13 cleanings per bag. That’s a good value for a premium cleaning product!

Why is BarrelBuddy better than my Bore Rope?

When you use a Bore Rope type product, unless you wash the thing after each use (which nobody does – we’ve asked hundred’s of shooters), you are dragging previously collected debris and grunge back through your barrel. That’s not gun cleaning. These ropes are also made with all sorts of color patterns, so like carpet in a restaurant, it’s made to hide dirt. BarrelBuddy’s are white (you can see the clean) and disposable. We like to simply say “you don’t reuse your toilet paper, do ya?”

Why is BarrelBuddy better than my old Gun Cleaning Patches?

BarrelBuddy beats the cleaning patch in many ways! Here’s just a few… no more lint, fibers or thread left in the barrel, no hassling trying to thread a patch through a slotted tip, no trying to keep a Patch on the end of a jag, no more squeegee of solvent as you push the patch into the barrel, no solvent or chemical dripping, no splattering of solvent and debris as the patch emerges from the barrel, no more having the jag push through and tear the patch. Sounds good, right? Give us a try!

Does the push-thru Rod and Jag come with my order?

No, we don't provide or sell solvents, oils, CLP, rods, or jags, and they do not come with your order. The reasons are several... First, unless you are a new shooter, you probably already have these implements. And second, we've found that people are very particular about such things, so we would not be able to please everyone. You can find these products at any sporting goods retailer.



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