What is BarrelBuddy


The Missing Link in Gun Cleaning

The New Tradition in Gun Cleaning
BarrelBuddy is the New Tradition in Gun Cleaning for firearm owners. BarrelBuddy is a Multi-Stage Polymer Gun Barrel Cleaner that scrubs, collects particulate, absorbs residue, and buffs clean all in one step.

360 Barrel Cleaning

There are MANY Benefits and Advantages when you use BarrelBuddy. True 360-degree High Compression provides 100% contact with barrel, pushing into and cleaning Bore Rifling. Unlike other gun cleaning products for firearm owners, BarrelBuddy is disposable, meaning you will not be reapplying previously collected residues, and since the polymers are white you can easily see the cleaning results.

The Cleaning Patch has been the staple of gun cleaning for centuries, but why? Jamming a 2-dimensional square into a 3-dimensional cylinder is not exactly smart, nor does it produce good results! BarrelBuddy allows you to Pitch the Patch, and obtain true 360-degree full bore compressed contact resulting in an incomparable clean!

BarrelBuddy eliminates the hassle and mess of other gun cleaning products and doesn’t create undesirable side-effects. Affordable, portable, strong and durable, BarrelBuddy can be safely used with or without solvents and chemicals, and is the perfect applicator, evenly distributing solvents and oils. BarrelBuddy is Made in America and comes in sizes to fit barrels from .22 caliber to 10-Gauge.