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Putting Your Faith in the Supreme Court

The Bible says in Psalm 146, do not put your trust in princes or a son of man, in whom there is no salvation. Well, the Supreme court completely validated that passage this last week on a host of issues. One of those being the Second Amendment. Clarence Thomas said this past week that the […]

Tyrants Never Sleep

Here we go…Congress is considering a bill to require citizens to apply for a federal license before being able to purchase a firearm. The government would also have the authority to deny a license, even if the applicant has no criminal history or mental health issues. What this does is essentially create a nationwide “red […]

The U.N Gun Ban Treaty

Many of you have heard of the U.N treaty on small arms. This treaty if ever ratified by the Senate would be an end run around the second amendment and our constitution. President Trump has stated his opposition to this treaty and has asked the Senate to send it back to the White House where […]

Sad News from Virginia

Well it didn’t take them long after being sworn in, the tyrannical Democrat’s in Virginia’s House of Delegates passed legislation Tuesday to ban suppressors, “high capacity” magazines, and “assault weapons.” This is really bad news. The democrat’s amended the bill to grandfather in those people that already own AR-15s, AK-47s, and similar rifles. However, all […]

See You at the 2020 SHOT Show!

Hey everyone! Only a couple of weeks until SHOT SHOW 2020, and we are locked and loaded, looking forward to seeing you there! This will be our second year attending, and going by the response we received last year, we are excited to see old friends and meet many new ones! We are looking to […]

A Federal Agent’s Observation from Virginia

I have written a lot recently about the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement taking place with many counties in Virginia. Virginia isn’t alone, but it has now become the epicenter of this movement. The reason for this is the Democratic party swept the last election in November. They now control the Virginia Governorship, House and Senate. […]

The Stories from Virginia Keep Coming

The Stories From Virginia Keep Coming In the last several posts I mentioned that counties all over Virginia are declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. There are now over 25 counties that have made this declaration. In the recent November elections, the Democrats had won both the Virginia house and senate. This opened the door for […]

It Happened Again

It Happened Again As predicted in my last post more counties around the country are declaring themselves gun sanctuaries. In Virginia which has turned into a hard-blue state; recently, and who’s Governor and legislators are all Democratic they have promised some very restrictive gun control laws. It will be interesting to see how this plays […]

Some Great News

Some Great News     Before I get to the great news, I want to start out with a few questions that I wish someone would have asked the former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. It would of went like this: The federal government has passed immigration laws correct? There are many cities that have declared themselves as […]