It Happened Again

It Happened Again

As predicted in my last post more counties around the country are declaring themselves gun sanctuaries. In Virginia which has turned into a hard-blue state; recently, and who’s Governor and legislators are all Democratic they have promised some very restrictive gun control laws. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Here are two more articles about Virginia from Breitbart news:

  • More Virginia counties declare themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.
  • Virginia Sheriff will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

In an article from Reason magazine you will see that Counties in Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Arizona, and Texas became part of a growing “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement this month.

This article describes a Virginia House delegate Ken Plum saying: “The notion that you can have a locality void a state law by declaring yourself a sanctuary simply is not going to hold up in court.”

It is amazing how these Democrat’s see things two ways. It is perfectly fine to declare immigration sanctuaries but not gun sanctuaries. As noted in the article though, “Laws, at the end of the day, need somebody to enforce them, and many sheriffs and police officers in counties where Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions have been passed support their communities’ decisions.”

Patrick Henry had predicted this long ago. He was a staunch Antifederalist and didn’t want the constitution ratified. I will discuss his statement about why he believed that the constitution was flawed and how it led to the situation we are into today in my next post.

You can read the Reason article here.

Some Great News

Some Great News    

Before I get to the great news, I want to start out with a few questions that I wish someone would have asked the former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

It would of went like this:

  • The federal government has passed immigration laws correct?
  • There are many cities that have declared themselves as sanctuaries and do not enforce those laws correct?
  • You have voiced your support for those cities correct?
  • Therefore, it is perfectly fine to ignore federal laws when they don’t suit you correct?
  • What will you do then when cities and counties declare themselves sanctuaries from federal gun laws? Invade them or let them be as you do with the immigration sanctuary cities?  

The great news is that this has happened in a Florida county. The county has become the first in the state to pass a resolution declaring itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” in support of gun rights. The resolution, which passed by a 4-0 vote, says that Lake County’s law-abiding gun owners are safe from having their firearms taken away.

I would have loved to see his response because it is happening now.

You can read about it here.

The Truth About Guns

I came across a very informative Gun Blog site the other day. This blog has a lot of information on many gun topics and facts that refute the left’s lunacy for gun control.

You will be able to get quick information from here on many key topic examples below. This will give you facts and truth when defending the second amendment. 

The sad part is I don’t think it matters how many facts or how much truth you give a leftist, they will never change, because they are zealots that believe they’re right and will refuse to let the facts get in their way.

You might ask why am I pointing out another blog? The reason is simple, we are at war; primarily an information war right now. Make no mistake about it we are fighting for our very liberty. If I find something useful, I am going to pass it along because we are on the same page. 

Here are a few topics that are covered by

Defensive Gun Use vs. Murder Rate

Facts About the AR-15 Rifle

There are many more topics that are covered, take a look and enjoy it.

We Need to be more like Europe and Japan

The leftwing makes this statement all the time, that “we need to be more like other countries.” In fact, they say this when it comes to socialism, government run healthcare, and guns. It really helps underscore how much they hate the freedom our country allows the individual. They want everything dictated and run by a collectivist government.  

When it comes to guns, that must mean that there is no violence in these socialist utopias. So, let’s look and see how the disarmed sheep are getting along.

In Japan, two schoolgirls were killed, and sixteen others were injured when a knife wielding man started to slash at the kids standing in line for a bus.

To get a gun in Japan you need jump through these hurdles:

  • Take an all-day class.
  • Pass a range test with a 95%.
  • Pass Mental health and drug tests.
  • They then will survey your friends, relatives and co-workers to see if you should own a gun.

There are even more steps, as well as the police having wide ranging power to search and seize weapons. All this just to own a shotgun or air gun, all others are banned.

In England, almost all semi-automatic and pump-action rifles and shotguns were banned in the 1980’s. They then imposed a near total ban on handguns in the 90’s.

In 2017, gun crimes increased by 27% and knife crimes and acid attacks are off the charts. Then in 2018, the total number of homicides (which includes murder and manslaughter) surged 12 percent from the previous year, to 701 in England and Wales, for the year ending in March, the Office for National Statistics said. Police-recorded knife crimes have also ballooned 16 percent to 40,147. Gun crime saw a 2 percent uptick with 6,492 offenses over the same time period.

You see, the weapons can be banned but that doesn’t matter. What we have isn’t a weapons problem, it is a human nature problem. If you ban one means, people hell bent on killing will use something else.

All the solutions that the socialists are proposing will only affect the law abiding citizen and turn us into sheep in a world where the wolf population is exploding. I say no thanks to any of their solutions. I will keep my firearms.

To read the article where I gleaned these statistics, go here.

A very Short Video on why we have the Second Amendment

If you’re like me, you have grown sick and tired of the gun grabbers saying this:  “You don’t need an AR-15 or an AK-47 to shoot deer.” I clinch my fists and grit my teeth every time I hear that. My response is always this…


I believe that they know this, they just think everyone else is stupid. After all, they are the elites, the ruling class and we need them to guide us and care for us. What a load of crap!

Here is a quick (under two-minute) video on why we have the second amendment. A great resource to have if you need it…

You can watch the video HERE.

Just Say No To RED FLAG Gun Laws

With the shootings that have taken place in Texas and Ohio, as expected, all the same voices from the Democrats and the media came screaming for Gun control. The most concerning of these gun control schemes are Red Flag laws. These laws are basically “thought crime” laws – where a person has not yet done anything; but, we will take a person’s guns because they have made statements that someone doesn’t like.

The goal of the left is total disarmament of the civilian population, make no mistake about it. No tyrannical despotic government has ever risen without disarming the populace. These Red Flag laws are a major step in that direction. I have stated this in a previous post and I have a powerful ally that agrees with me on this topic.

Rush Limbaugh has voiced his concern about this topic on his program recently.

Here are some quotes:

  • He called Red Flag laws a way for the left to, “incrementally get what they want, which is law-abiding gun owners’ firearms.”
  • He went on to add when concerning the left “They want your guns. They want everybody’s guns. They’re just like the communists. They want your guns. They want full confiscation, and there is no majority for that in this country.”

We need to stand against these laws. There is no telling where they could lead. They slaughter the first amendment, are designed to come after and wreak havoc on the second amendment, while destroying due process as well.

The problem is not weapons, but the heart of man. Evil people will always find a way to perpetrate their rage. No laws can stop a person set on killing innocents. Disarming good people will only make it easier for bad people to murder. In past decades, everyone owned guns, had them in cars, unlocked and accessible. People left their doors unlocked. You didn’t see this mass-shooting phenomenon. Why? What is different now? You KNOW the answer, and that’s what we need to fix. And that can’t be fixed with the law of man.

Ohioan’s Overwhelm Their Supreme Court

The gun owners in Ohio took quick action recently to protect their gun rights. The Second Amendment supporters made their voices heard, loud and clear.

The event that initiated this swift action from Ohio’s gun owners, were proposed amendments that would make it easier for law enforcement to  seize the firearms, ammunition, and concealed handgun licenses of citizens subject to a civil protection order (even without “sufficient nexus”).

The number of people contacting the court was so large that the email system went down and phone calls overwhelmed the switchboard. The citizens of Ohio let their voices be heard loud and clear a great example for all of us.

You can read more here.

Now Corporate Tyranny/Coercion against Gun Retailors

Business software maker Salesforce has now entered the gun debate by informing customers that they will be banned from using its software if they continue selling AR-15’s. Their applications help with marketing products, managing customer service operations and filling orders.

Their demands don’t stop with just AR’s, they go on to list a plethora of other guns and attachments, such as any semiautomatic firearms “that have the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any of the following: thumbhole stock, folding or telescoping stock, grenade launcher or flare launcher, flash or sound suppressor, forward pistol grip, pistol grip (in the case of a rifle) or second pistol grip (in the case of a pistol), [and/or] barrel shroud.”

You can read the whole article here.

Using Government Tyranny to Shut Down the NRA

Governor Cuomo of New York has made his intentions clear when he wrote on his Facebook Account, “We are forcing the NRA into financial jeopardy. We won’t stop until we shut them down.” 

Cuomo has launched a campaign using the power of New York state government to destroy the finances of the NRA. Cuomo has declared to every bank and insurance company in America that they either sever ties with the NRA or every agent in New York will hassle and harass them into submission. This is absolutely chilling this is the kind of tyranny we fought wars against.

Cuomo knows that without access to banks or insurance the NRA will cease to exist. These tactics are already working as many banks and insurance companies are buckling under to the tyranny. They are telling the NRA that they don’t want to be targeted by New York’s regulatory machine.

This is not just a second amendment case; it is a first amendment one. Cuomo is trying to use the power of government to silence political speech; thereby, delivering a fatal blow to the second amendment by eliminating its greatest proponent. If this were to work, they can use the same tactic on every political opponent destroying free speech.

The NRA is looking for contributions to help in this effort as they are already taking financial losses.

Visit this link to donate:

Amazing America First News

In Trump’s speech to the 2019 NRA leadership forum he announced that he would un-sign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. This would withdraw us from this very dangerous treaty.

It was signed by former Secretary of State John Kerry in 2013. This was a very dangerous treaty designed by global gun ban advocates. Trump stated that he would not abdicate control over the rights of law-abiding gun owners to foreign bureaucrats. At that point Trump signed in front of everyone a formal letter to the Senate requesting it halt the ratification process. He wants the treaty returned to the oval office where he will then dispose of it.

Even though this treaty was never ratified it is still very dangerous to our freedoms. This treaty has intentionally vague language that could bind the United States to refrain from any act that would defeat the “object and purpose” of the treaty.

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty was in fact drafted with the purpose of allowing foreign officials to amend it with only ¾ of its signatories. It would not matter if the United States agreed or not. It is obvious to see how tyrannical a treaty like this would be.

This treaty was, of course, forced on us by the Obama-Kerry team. Trump’s commitment to un-sign it shows that he isn’t afraid to side with freedom and protect our God-given right to self-defense.

This kind of courage that Trump displays, by putting America first, is exactly why we should enthusiastically support his presidency.

Read more HERE.