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He Helped Felons build AR-15’s and They dropped the Charges

It appears that the ATF had a man Joseph Roh who had been charged and indicted for breaking federal firearms laws.  It is alleged that Roh had a business where anyone could walk into his warehouse and walkout with an AR-15. He had even been warned by ATF in person that he was breaking the law.

If this was true it should have been a slam dunk for the prosecutors. However, this is where it gets interesting. The ATF has decided to drop all charges. Why you ask? They were afraid that a ruling in the case could potentially harm existing gun control laws. They were particularly worried about the 1968 Gun Control Act and that a wrong ruling could, “seriously undermine the ATF’s ability to trace and regulate firearms nationwide.”

The NRA tweeted: He sold guns to felons, abusers, and prohibited persons. The Feds let him go to avoid hurting gun control efforts.

NRA has always fought for the FULL PROSECUTION of gun criminals – no plea bargaining, no parole, and definitely not just letting someone off.

What the Feds were worried about is that a US District Court Judge James V. Selna’s interpretation of the law, convicted felons and other people prohibited from possessing firearms would be allowed to legally acquire all the parts necessary to assemble an AR-15-style rifle and other weapons, according to federal prosecutors.

Roh was selling 80% lowers the part, which surrounds the trigger area of an AR-15, requires some additional machining and drilling before it is considered a regulated firearm under the law. Then after a while he started hosting build parties where the customer installs the part into their machine and pushes the start button.

What they were worried about is the lowers are usable when the remaining 20 percent of work is done to finish them. This case would have drawn attention to these lowers and their relationship to the Second Amendment.

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