Perfect for the quick clean in the field

before packing it down

Running a few BarrelBuddy through your firearm before packing it down can save you from excessive difficult cleanings.

Yes, there are other gun cleaning products that claim the “quick cleaning,” but BarrelBuddy is disposable, so you aren’t dragging previous grunge back through your barrel, and you don’t have to wash BarrelBuddy’s. You can also run as many or as few as you want, and you will see just how dirty your barrel is, since BarrelBuddy’s are white (not patterned) and allow you to “see the clean!”

They are great gun cleaning products in the field. Give them a try!

BarrelBuddy is a US Patented Product
BarrelBuddy is a Registered Trademark U.S. Serial Number 85493726