Defending our Constitution

For those on Mission, ease of use and reliability are key when it comes to gun cleaning. BarrelBuddy is perfect for the thorough barrel and gun cleaning that soldiers insist on to insure top performance of their firearms.

A soldier’s weapon endures the most extreme conditions. From desert sand to swampy jungles and everything in between, your firearms take a beating. And you know it is up to you to make sure they are clean and well maintained – for your safety, the safety of your unit, the safety of those your defending, and the success of the mission – it’s up to you.

BarrelBuddy is an invaluable gun cleaning tool to help you meet the mark of excellence you demand of yourself, and your superiors and country demand of you.

Let BarrelBuddy help you be the best.

BarrelBuddy is a US Patented Product
BarrelBuddy is a Registered Trademark U.S. Serial Number 85493726