Protecting and Serving our Citizens

Law and Peace Officers appreciate efficiency and effectiveness in a gun cleaning product. BarrelBuddy outperforms other gun cleaning products and delivers the quality officers demand.

Let’s be real, if you’re an officer, you shoot a lot. You have to. It is critical to maintain your skills and accuracy. You can’t afford to be wrong with your firearm. Your firearm needs to be in optimal operating condition at all times. This demands that you spend the time required cleaning and lubricating.

But face it, it’s not an enjoyable part of the job.

BarrelBuddy will help you clean better and faster, allowing you to be more sure of your firearm’s reliability and reducing the time you need to spend in maintenance.

BarrelBuddy is an investment in gun cleaning you can’t afford not to make. For your sake and for the citizens you serve on patrol.

BarrelBuddy is a US Patented Product
BarrelBuddy is a Registered Trademark U.S. Serial Number 85493726