BARRELBUDDY RED - Fits .22, .223, 5.56mm

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Meet BarrelBuddy, your ultimate firearm cleaning solution. Designed for efficiency and convenience, this American-made barrel cleaner offers a 360-degree clean for calibers ranging from .22 to 5.56mm. The unique high compression design provides 100% contact with the barrel, firmly cleaning bore rifling. Say goodbye to mess and hassle and get ready for a superior cleaning experience. Shop now and experience the difference!


One bag contains approximately 50 BarrelBuddy’s. 

10-13 Gun cleanings per bag of BarrelBuddy’s.


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Each bag contains approximately 50 Red Size BarrelBuddy’s. 

Each bag provides an average of 10-13 cleanings.

Elevate your firearm maintenance routine with the BarrelBuddy Red Size. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, this barrel cleaner is engineered to provide a thorough and mess-free cleaning experience. The BarrelBuddy’s innovative 2-part polymer design ensures multi-stage cleaning, effectively scrubbing away particulate and absorbing residue for a spotless finish.

No more worrying about lint, threads, or shedding fibers – the BarrelBuddy Red Size guarantees a clean without any mess or hassle. Its high compression and tear-resistant polymers ensure durability and reliability, while the 360-degree cleaning action ensures every nook and cranny of your barrel receives the attention it deserves.

The BarrelBuddy Red Size is your go-to companion for quick and efficient cleaning sessions. Simply push through with a standard cleaning rod and jag and enjoy the satisfaction of a perfectly clean barrel. Compatible with a wide range of calibers from .22 to 5.56mm, this American-made product offers excellent value and convenience. Shop now and take your cleaning routine to the next level!

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  • 5
    It works

    Posted by James Jordan on 24th Aug 2022

    I'd buy it again

  • 5
    Push Through Barrel Cleaner

    Posted by Bob Schmidt on 14th Apr 2022

    Great product, works great.

  • 5
    So easy to use.

    Posted by Michael Stevens on 15th Jul 2021

    So easy to use they are fantastic.

  • 5

    Posted by Wow! on 2nd Jul 2021

    WOW! these fit so well that you can feel them turn with the rifling in your barrel! NO PATCH OR SWAP HAS EVER FELT LIKE IT HAD SO MUCH CONTACT!! wonderful product!

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Ann Siefert on 25th Jun 2021

    Love this product !! Highly recommend

  • 5
    I love barrel buddy

    Posted by Mary Rowland on 16th Jun 2021

    Barrel Buddy is the best easiest way to clean my gun. I love them.

  • 3
    BarrelBuddy Red

    Posted by Julian Chestnut on 10th Jun 2021

    Liked the product and would use again if it wasn't so expensive.

  • 5
    What a GREAT IDEA!

    Posted by Brad Staggs on 1st Jun 2021

    From the first time I used these, I was impressed by the simplicity and ease of use. It's another one of those ideas that's so simple and ingenious, I wish I'd thought of it myself.

  • 5
    Still great, as ever

    Posted by Tyler Carino on 28th May 2021

    Love these things, makes cleaning so easy. Takes no time at all and leaves everything as good as new, and also perfect for oiling everything!