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BarrelBuddy is the Missing Link in Gun Cleaning Products!

BarrelBuddy is the New Tradition in Gun Cleaning Products for hunters and all firearm owners. BarrelBuddy is a Multi-Stage Polymer Barrel Cleaning product that scrubs, collects particulate, absorbs residue, and buffs clean all in one step. BarrelBuddy is the only gun cleaning solution that provides Less Mess, Less Hassle, and More Clean! We’re proud that BarrelBuddy is Made In America. BarrelBuddy is great for deep barrel cleaning sessions or quick gun cleaning. BarrelBuddy is disposable, so you aren’t dragging previous grunge back through your barrel, and you don’t have to wash BarrelBuddy’s.

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FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: BarrelBuddy is now a standard item on my weapons cleaning bench and in my Grab-n-Go gear

“My students believe that my true religion is weapons cleaning. I not only teach it, I preach it. Very few carefully selected products ever come into contact with my beloved sniper rifle, my ArmaLite AR10-(T). BarrelBuddy has been added to this exclusive group. I have used them now for a couple of months. They are more effective than patches. They coat the barrel evenly – 360 degrees. I especially like the way they apply bore cleaning paste. BarrelBuddy is now a standard item on my weapons cleaning bench and in my Grab-n-Go gear.”

Howard LinettSniper Instructor, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and Competitive Shooter

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: U.S. Army Special Operations – BB a Lifesaver!

My mother sent me a sample of your barrel cleaning product and they worked great. We used a lot of ammunition in the past few months and it was a life saver. The ammunition would jam up our barrels and make them impossible to clean with any of the products we had. We could have used a chamber patch and a cleaning rod but it always takes forever to get it through the barrel. With just a few passes with your product my weapon was clean and ready for another day in the shoot house. Thank you so much for the product and you have made a few new customers with in the special operations community. Rangers Lead the Way!

Matthew StarkU.S. Army Rangers - Special Operations

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: No other product comes close to cleaning my weapons with ease like BarrelBuddy

“I just wanted to drop you and the folks at BarrelBuddy a note to express how much I am enjoying your product. As a long time shooter, instructor and retained Weapons Master for various full length feature movie sets, TV sets and short feature sets, I can honestly state that no other product has come close to cleaning my weapons with ease like BarrelBuddy. I use this product during my many training sessions and in fact will do so coming up during a combat pistol course. I wish that I would have had this product on some of the sets in the past and will certainly use them moving forward. Using blank adapted weapon platforms produce a massive amount of carbon and barrel fouling. Just a few runs of your product through the barrel keeps my weapons running clean. I have used BarrelBuddy with and without solvents and CLP’s and have never been disappointed in the results. Easy to use, easy to dispose of, and, easy on the wallet. Winning combination! Congrats!”

Doug WilliamsInstructor and Weapons Master

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: “I’m Impressed!”

“I’m Impressed! The BarrelBuddy’s removed the fouling faster and with fewer passes compared to Patches. The BarrelBuddy is also much easier and efficient to use. But the real story is told by the finishing process, the BarrelBuddy left almost no residue in the grooves, versus quite a bit of residue left by the patches!”

Charles W. CrotserCivilian High Power competitor, NRA certified firearms instructor, Vintage service rifle mechanic, Experienced hunter

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: Forty Years in Law Enforcement – Now My Favorite Product

“I have spent 40 years in law enforcement, first as a badge and gun federal agent, then as a private contractor providing critical equipment and technology support to both the civilian law enforcers as well as the military war fighter. I’ve used just about every product on the market to clean my firearms. This one is now my favorite. The circular cleaning within the bore cleans the grooves better than anything I’ve seen, and it does it without the possibility of scratching the bore like a bronze brush might. It lives up to its claims and is worth every penny. I particularly like that the product is disposable, where some other products, although good, require that you either wash them, or drag old dirt back through the bore. I wish your company much luck and I hope that our law enforcement officers and our military war fighters will take advantage of this great product.”

Bob WallisSpecial Agent in Charge (RET), Homeland Security Investigations - Dallas Field Division; U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

From our customers: Clean in half the time of using patches!

“What a great product! Not only did I clean my 2 rifles in about half the time it took me using the patches, I honestly feel like I cleaned them much better as well! After I was finished I sat and wondered how I could possibly use the 200 patches I still had. About 1 minute later the patches were in the trash and I found myself online ordering more of the BarrelBuddy! If you value your guns like I do mine, start using the BarrelBuddy…you will be glad you did!”

Robert WilsonGame Hunter, Texas

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: Sheriff Department – Customers for Life!

“BarrelBuddy does an excellent job cleaning the rifling of the barrel. We are customers for life!”

Christopher SwansonUndersheriff, Office of Genesee County Sheriff, Michigan

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: I love BarrelBuddy!

“Ever since my husband passed away, I felt it necessary to learn to shoot and to be able to protect my children. Because of this I practice each week, but I detest cleaning my gun. This product (BarrelBuddy) makes doing this so much easier and less messy! I love how the “Buddy” holds the solvent and doesn’t drip all over. This is such a common sense product I can’t believe anyone would go back to the old methods. I tell all my girlfriends about it and I have gotten my shooting range to carry the product. I love it!”

Jennifer F.Single Mom, Michigan

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: Awesome Product!

“Awesome product! I shoot a lot of trap, skeet and sporting clays and hated dealing with the patches, especially while between sessions at the club. Now I just run a BarrelBuddy through after my round and I am good to go. Clean as a whistle, inside a minute!”

Howard HumphreySportsman, Illinois

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: A Revolutionary New Product!

“Being a gunsmith and an avid shooter, I can honestly say that BarrelBuddy is a revolutionary new product in gun maintenance technology.”

Caleb WrightGunsmith, Michigan

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: No Need to Look Elsewhere…

“Simple, Effective & Economical ! No need to look anywhere else but BarrelBuddy!”

Matthew LaCombeClay Shooter, Michigan

FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: I am a convert!

“Recently I purchased several calibers of BarrelBuddy’s, being a casual shooter I have used patches and cleaning wads for years.  I was amazed at the ease and thorough cleaning provided by the “buddies.  I am a convert.”

Bryan ShadakerSportsman, Michigan


“I clean guns in my sleep, and I still hate it, but BarrelBuddy makes my life a heck of a lot easier! Go BarrelBuddy!”

Jeremy B.Army Ranger, Texas