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Check out what our customers have to say about us!

I’ve totally switched to using the product in all my gun cleaning projects. 

It works just like you said it would. Hopefully, within a short time it will be on the shelves anywhere gun cleaning products are sold. I wish you all the best.

David Freeman
Contributing Editor American Handgunner
Field Editor GUNS Magazine

I recently purchased your product and used them for the first time on this past Tuesday. May I say that the claims for your product are SPOT ON! Used 5 on one barrel (really needed only 3) so I used them on another barrel. Checks with clean patches verified they were clean indeed. This is the new standard for me, reducing cleaning time significantly. Excellent idea brought to fruition. Well done!

Gary Neron
Ocala, Florida

Instructor and Weapons Master

Doug Williams - Instructor and Weapons Master

I can honestly state that no other product has come close to cleaning my weapons with ease like BarrelBuddy.
BarrelBuddy Clay Shooting

Christopher Swanson – Undersheriff, Office of Genesee County Sheriff, Michigan

BarrelBuddy does an excellent job cleaning the rifling of the barrel. We are customers for life!
Sniper Instructor, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and Competitive Shooter

Natsha S at AGAG

Once I figured out I didn’t have to thread a swatch through a tiny little eye, I was excited! The first cleaning took a few extras because I’m guessing all the missed fouling from the cotton swatches but after that….amazing!
Army Rangers Love BarrelBuddy

Matthew Stark - Army Ranger

We used a lot of ammunition in the past few months and it was a life saver… With just a few passes with your product my weapon was clean and ready… you have made a few new customers with in the special operations community.
3-Gunners Rely on BarrelBuddy

Matt Murray - 3 Gun Competitor

I no longer have to guess if my barrels are clean enough like with patches. BarrelBuddy cuts my cleaning time so I have more time for the range.
BarrelBuddy Awesome Product

Robert Wilson, Game Hunter from Texas

What a great product! Not only did I clean my 2 rifles in about ½ the time it use to take me using the patches. I honestly feel like I cleaned them much better as well! If you value your guns like I do mine, start using the BarrelBuddy!
Works Great in the Swamp!

Stefan Schmelzer – Hunter

There is no quicker way to get a gun dirty than waterfowl hunting. I use BarrelBuddy in the field when guns are dirty from water and muck. Cleaning is fast and you don’t have to worry about dropping cleaning parts in the water. BarrelBuddy’s fit in your pocket!
A revolutionary new product in gun maintenance technology

Caleb Wright - Gunsmith

Being a gunsmith and an avid shooter, I can honestly say that BarrelBuddy is a revolutionary new product in gun maintenance technology.
BarrelBuddy See the clean - 500 Rounds 5 BarrelBuddys

Anthony Watterson - Hunter

After pumping 500 rounds through his new 12-Gauge, it took only 5 BarrelBuddy’s to clean it spotless! You can see the progression – see the CLEAN!
Using a BoreSnake I thought my .50 cal was clean, until I used BarrelBuddy. Wow! What a difference! Never going back!

Joe W. from Michigan

Using a BoreSnake I thought my .50 cal was clean, until I used BarrelBuddy. Wow! What a difference! Never going back!
BarrelBuddy I am a convert

Bryan Shadaker - Hunter

Recently I purchased several calibers of BarrelBuddy’s, being a casual shooter I have used patches and cleaning wads for years. I was amazed at the ease and thorough cleaning provided by the Buddys. I am a convert.
BarrelBuddy makes cleaning easier

Skylar from Michigan

My Dad always makes me clean every gun I shoot and I hate it. But he let me use BarrelBuddy and it makes it lots easier to clean, so I don’t hate it anymore.
I really like the simplicity of this product

Dave Patti - Hunter

I really like the simplicity of this product
BarrelBuddy Clay Shooting

Matthew LaCombe, Clay Shooter

Simple, Effective and Economical! No need to look anywhere else but BarrelBuddy!
BarrelBuddy Awesome Product

Howard - Sportsman from Illinois

Awesome product! I shoot a lot of trap, skeet and sporting clays and hated dealing with the patches… Now I just run a BarrelBuddy through after my round and I am good to go. Clean as a whistle, inside a minute!
BarrelBuddy is a US Patented Product
BarrelBuddy is a Registered Trademark U.S. Serial Number 85493726