How To Use

Simply attach a jag of appropriate size for the gun you are cleaning to a standard rod, insert the BarrelBuddy into the barrel and push through with the rod. Visit our FAQ Page for instructional videos and tips.

Detailed Instructions for Use


IMPORTANT- Before dis-assembly and cleaning, always check the chamber and barrel to make sure the gun is unloaded. Remove any clips or magazines.


Always use the proper size BarrelBuddy for your gun. Refer to packaging.


Attach the proper size jag-tip to a cleaning rod. Always use the proper size for your barrel.


If using a spear-tip jag, you can impale the BarrelBuddy on the spear of the jag.


(Optional) Dip the BarrelBuddy in solvent or spray solvent into the barrel.


Work the BarrelBuddy evenly into the barrel and push through slow and steady.


Repeat as necessary, using a clean BarrelBuddy each time.


(Optional) After cleaning, use a clean BarrelBuddy to oil the barrel.


CAUTION: Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting. Never attempt to shoot an obstruction clear.


CAUTION: Do not use in a hot barrel (170 F or greater).

Liability Disclaimer

Tri-Liberty, LLC assumes no liability for accidents, injury, death, nor liability for damage to user’s firearms or property. See Disclaimers for more information.