Why BarrelBuddy Is Better

MULTI-STAGE CLEANING 2-Part Polymer design scrubs and collects particulate, then absorbs residue and buffs clean
DISPOSABLE No more reapplying previously collected residues
CLEANS BORE RIFLING 360-Degree high compression provides 100% contact with barrel, pushing into and cleaning bore rifling (grooves)
COMPLETE CLEANING... Evenly applies solvents and oils with no waste, no dripping, and no mess
SEE THE CLEAN White polymer allows you to see the cleaning results
NO LINT OR SHEDDING Will not shed lint or fibers or decompose
LESS HASSLE Easy and fast to use. No more trying to get a patch threaded through a slot or stuck on a jag
STRONG AND DURABLE Our polymers are high compression, high tensile strength, and tear resistant
CUSTOM FIT There is a BarrelBuddy to fit barrel sizes from .22 to 10-Gauge
EXCELLENT VALUE Affordable, use far fewer BarrelBuddy’s than patches per cleaning
PORTABLE No long bamboo rods to take up space. Use in the field, range, home, or on patrol
SAFELY USE WET OR DRY Safely use with commercial solvents and oils, or use dry
QUICK CLEAN During or after shooting when you don’t have time for a thorough cleaning
NO CABLE NEEDED Use your existing jags and rod
AMERICAN MADE Need we say more?