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What is the best way to use BarrelBuddy on a small bore rifle like a .223?
We recommend using a Bore Guide, such as the Sinclair AR-15 Guide. There are many Bore Guide products on the market. We personally recommend using these on any smaller bore firearm where the rod can easily contact the barrel.
What is particular nice about using BarrelBuddy with the Bore Guide is that the BarrelBuddy just drops neatly into the Guide slot.


Where can I find the Usage Instructions?
Instructions are on the back of every BarrelBuddy package and can be found on our website at


Do I have to use a jag?
You can use any means that you are comfortable with to push the BarrelBuddy through the barrel. We recommend the proper size jag for the barrel you are cleaning, mainly to ensure that the pushing element is wide enough to engage the majority if the bottom of the BarrelBuddy. To say it another way, you want to have a pushing element that pushes on most of the bottom of the BarrelBuddy. Using a pushing element that is much more narrow than the bottom of the BarrelBuddy, may allow the rod to push through or push past the BarrelBuddy, and that is not a desired action for your barrel.


Do I have to Impale the BarrelBuddy on the jag (spear-tip)?
No, you do not have to impale the BarrelBuddy. Some jags have a spear-tip and some do not. The jag only needs to serve as a “platform” to push the BarrelBuddy through the bore. What is important is to select the proper size jag for the bore size you are cleaning.
If you do have a spear-tip jag, gently twisting the BarrelBuddy onto the spear is a great way to clean, because you can dip the Buddy into solvent and easy manipulate it. This works best with the larger size Buddy’s. The RED and ORANGE size Buddy’s are more difficult to impale.


Does BarrelBuddy work on smooth bore guns also?
Absolutely! Any gun bore is fair game for BarrelBuddy. We have had hunters tell us they have put some 500 rounds through a smooth bore shotgun and cleaned it with 4-5 Buddy’s producing a barrel as clean as when they bought it.


Can I use solvents and oil with BarrelBuddy’s or will they degrade?
We have tested BarrelBuddy with most of the commercially available popular cleaning solvents and oils. BarrelBuddy is designed to resist these types of chemicals and any degradation effects. Although we are very confident in our testing and material design, we cannot test every chemical on the market. If you are unsure or uneasy about a particular chemical, we recommend testing for yourself before use. Simply drop a BarrelBuddy into the chemical and wait for about an hour. Remove the BarrelBuddy and inspect it for degradation.