Obsessive and Meticulous about maintaining his Competition Firearms

Charles W. Crotser – Civilian High Power competitor, NRA certified firearms instructor, Vintage service rifle mechanic, Experienced hunter

Charlie was one of our product testing experts. An accomplished high power rifle competitor and NRA certified instructor, Charlie is obsessive and meticulous about maintaining his competition firearms.

Charlie performed several tests using BarrelBuddy against conventional cleaning methods. In testing BarrelBuddy against Cleaning Patches, Charlie found the following:

Main Cleaning: The BarrelBuddy’s removed the fouling faster and with fewer passes. Three wet BarrelBuddy’s and one dry. To get a comparable cleaning, 7 or more wet patches are needed and 1 dry. The BarrelBuddy is also much easier and efficient to use.

Finishing Step: The real story is told by the finishing process. Examining the results of the finishing patch run with the Custom Shop Dual O-Ring finishing jag, the BarrelBuddy left almost no residue in the grooves, versus quite a bit of residue left by the patches!