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No Other Product Has Come Close

No Other Product Has Come Close

“I just wanted to drop you and the folks at BarrelBuddy a note to express how much I am enjoying your product. As a long time shooter, instructor and retained Weapons Master for various full length feature movie sets, TV sets and short feature sets, I can honestly state that no other product has come close to cleaning my weapons with ease like BarrelBuddy. I use this product during my many training sessions and in fact will do so coming up during a combat pistol course. I wish that I would have had this product on some of the sets in the past and will certainly use them moving forward. Using blank adapted weapon platforms produce a massive amount of carbon and barrel fouling. Just a few runs of your product through the barrel keeps my weapons running clean. I have used BarrelBuddy with and without solvents and CLP’s and have never been disappointed in the results. Easy to use, easy to dispose of, and, easy on the wallet. Winning combination! Congrats!”

Doug Williams

Instructor and Weapons Master


BarrelBuddy is a US Patented Product
BarrelBuddy is a Registered Trademark U.S. Serial Number 85493726