A 1,000% Tax on Guns

Posted by Spartacus on 22nd Aug 2023

A 1,000% Tax on Guns

This week the House Democrats introduced legislation that would place a 1,000 percent excise tax on AR-15s and other firearms they refer to as “assault weapons.” This tax would also be placed on high-capacity magazines.

We are very fortunate that the Republicans won the House of Representatives. If the Democrats had won the house, this kind of legislation would come to floor and pass. The Senate wouldn’t stop it and Biden would gladly sign it.

If the freedom hating, America loathing, degenerate, tyrannical reprobates ever gain all three branches of Government again, these are the kind of despotic laws they will pass. 

They can do the same to ammunition as well. 

Actually, everything they hate they can tax to oblivion. You want to drive a gasoline powered car; 1,000 percent tax. There would be no end to their tyranny. 

I believe that Daniel Webster and Chief Justice John Marshall said, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

This action would be taxing a right out of existence for everyone except the very wealthy. It would take a $500 gun and make it $5,000. A $2,000-dollar gun would be $20,000.

I believe that taxing a right in this fashion would be unconstitutional but that has never stopped the Democrats before.

We would have to rely on the Supreme Court and that certainly is no guarantee.

You can read the article here.