A Hard Lesson

Posted by Spartacus on 5th Dec 2023

A Hard Lesson

The events of October 7th were horrible. As I noted in my previous blogs, gun ownership in Israel was strictly regulated. In fact, private gun ownership was around two percent. In order to have a gun, you needed a license and had to prove a need. The reason that the terrorists were able to wander freely, killing anyone they wanted, is that no one was armed.

The news today is that the Israeli Security Minister said that they are approving up to 3,000-gun license applications a day. He went on to say, 'My policy within the office was to permit as many people as possible to get a weapon. There have been over 260,000 license approvals since October 7th.

Last Thursday, a civilian opened fire on terrorists that attacked a bus stop. A good guy with a gun can often prevent the bad guy with a gun from killing innocent people.

It is a hard lesson to learn, but an armed citizenry is necessary for a free state. It should be remembered that every person has a right to defend their life and their families, and that no government should have the authority to take that right away.

May we never have to learn that lesson here.

You can read the article here.

It is worth noting that there is a video in the article that everyone should watch.