Gun Sales in America

Posted by Spartacus on 14th Aug 2023

Gun Sales in America

If you spend any time listening primarily to freedom hating Democrats, you would think the country hates guns, loathes the second amendment and is ready to abolish it. The truth is that just isn’t so. That is why they keep coming up with underhanded regulatory schemes to limit or infringe on that cherished right.

I will outline some of these schemes in subsequent posts. That will include 1,000 percent tax on firearms, banning lead ammunition on federal lands and of course, packing the Supreme Court. They choose these methods because the people really are not behind their efforts to abolish the second amendment.

How are gun sales going in this supposed gun hating country? They are doing the exact opposite as the Democrats would have you believe.

If you look, what you’ll find is that gun sales in American have not paused, surpassing 48 million over four years. In fact, July marked the 48th straight month in which gun sales passed the one million mark. That is one-million-gun sales a month for 48 straight months.

I am getting these stats from an article on WND; which, I will provide at the bottom of the post. The article makes this statement about reaching that milestone.

“The Biden administration, which has demonstrated nothing but contempt for the Second Amendment and has twisted the levers of government to impede the ability of law-abiding citizens to legally possess firearms of their choosing. Americans are sending a clear signal each and every month. The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is not up for negotiation.”

The article also mentions that a large numbers of women, blacks, and urban dwellers are buying guns. I guess they don’t believe in the democratic strategy of no bail, jail and defunding the police as the kind of environment that promotes one’s personal safety. So, they are buying guns to do it for themselves.

Read it here.