​SCOTUS to HEAR the NRA’S First Amendment Case

Posted by Spartacus on 28th Dec 2023

​SCOTUS to HEAR the NRA’S First Amendment Case

"The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving the First Amendment with regards to the NRA. This case has great ramifications not just for the NRA, but for any political action group that has an opinion that differs from the ruling party."

What is this case about? Several years ago, when Cuomo was governor of New York, he directed the financial services department, a very powerful regulatory agency headed by Maria Vullo, to go after the NRA and put them out of business.

What Cuomo and Vullo did was inform all banking and insurance agencies in the state that if they do business with the NRA, there would be regulatory consequences for those agencies. You can see the chilling effect this could have. All of a sudden, you couldn’t get insurance, write checks, pay your bills, or deposit funds, and you are out of business.

Also, in a really strange twist of events, the ACLU has partnered with the NRA in suing the State of New York. This was such an abridgement of free speech that even the ultra-liberal ACLU thought it was egregious.

It should go without saying that if allowed to stand, any state government or even the federal government could put any institution it deemed offensive on a financial blacklist.

I will put a link to the article below, but the scariest thing of all is that the Second Circuit Court agreed with New York.

Here is the quote:

"The court ruled that in an era of 'enhanced corporate social responsibility,' it was reasonable for New York's financial regulator to warn banks and insurance companies against servicing pro-gun groups based on the supposed 'social backlash' against those groups' advocacy. The court also ruled that Vullo's guidance - written on her official letterhead and invoking her regulatory powers - was not a directive to the institutions she regulated but rather a mere expression of her political preferences."

You can read the article here.