The IRS and a Gun Dealer in Montana

Posted by Spartacus on 11th Jul 2023

The IRS and a Gun Dealer in Montana

I mentioned in an earlier post about the unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies of the federal government, that are used to circumvent congress, who alone has the authority to make laws. Instead, these agencies pass rules that act as laws. These agencies give dictatorial, despotic powers to the executive branch.

Here is a story about a gun dealer in Montana that had the IRS raid them with 20 heavily armed agents. So, why would the IRS raid a gun store in Montana? What they seized along with some financial records were thousands of documents containing personal information on its customers.

Whenever a person purchases a firearm, they must fill out a Firearms Transaction Record, ATF Form 4473, which contains the buyer’s name, address, other vital information, and photo ID.

The IRS has no reason to take those records they contain no financial information. The ATF has nearly a billion records in its possession that they are digitally transferring into a searchable database which is a direct contradiction to existing statutes. This amounts to illegal gun registration.

I guess we know what will happen to all those 4473 forms that were unlawfully taken. This out-of-control administration has released its agencies not just on Trump but on everyday Americans i.e., Merek Garland declaring mothers and fathers protesting communist school curriculum domestic terrorists.

This is just another example, but the firearms dealer is standing firm and has reopened his store.

You can read the story here.