White House Directs States to Crack Down on Second Amendment

Posted by Spartacus on 15th Jan 2024

White House Directs States to Crack Down on Second Amendment

In a previous post, I mentioned the fact that the White House has encouraged states to get involved in the gun control game. I said that I would describe it more in a subsequent post.

What is it? The Biden administration has created a new bureaucratic nightmare called the "Office of Gun Violence Prevention," funded by taxpayer dollars, of course.

The office convened a meeting with Democratic state legislators to coerce them into enacting anti-gun laws that can't seem to go anywhere in Congress. They call these measures part of Biden's safer state initiative. In the NRA article that I am referencing, they say the agency is crafting many "constitutionally dubious laws." 

Their outline for the states is this:

1.“Establish a State Office of Gun Violence Prevention”

2. “Invest in Evidence-informed Solutions to Prevent and Respond to Gun Violence”

3. “Strengthen Support for Survivors and Victims of Gun Violence”

4. “Reinforce Responsible Gun Ownership”

5. “Strengthen Gun Background Checks" and

6.“Hold the Gun Industry Accountable”.

The article goes into greater detail describing each one of those steps and you should read it. I will put the link below.

It is interesting that the article ends stating this, “most of the hardcore anti-gun states have implemented versions of these measures already.” Then they add this, ”Gun owners should consider themselves warned.”

You can read it here.