Fascism comes to America

Posted by Spartacus on 25th Jul 2021

Fascism comes to America

I came across this video the other day. It is from Glenn Beck; he is discussing an event that took place where the CEO’s of over 100 major corporations colluded on a conference call with regards to the Georgia voter rights bill. If you know anything about the bill it did nothing to harm voter rights but that did not matter. These corporations in a conference call colluded together to coordinate their response to punish Georgia.

This should scare all of us because this truly is Fascism, corporations working in tandem to push political agendas. Glenn will make a point that this is part of the great reset which calls for exactly that approach.

I want you to imagine this scenario. The corporations decide that without proof of a vaccination you cannot bank at their facility, buy their products, or fly on their airline. The government will do nothing to prevent this and will simply say that “They are private corporations we can’t tell them what to do.”

Let us take this one step further. The federal government calls for registration of all guns. Sometime afterwards they call for the confiscation of these firearms. Now, millions of people will not comply, ergo the corporations step in. The registered gun owners will find themselves locked out of all social media, their banking will be shut down, utilities turned off and travel on public transportation curtailed; until proof of compliance is rendered.

This scenario is a real possibility in the future. You can Check this video out from Glenn HERE.