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Well another Shot Show in the can! What a wild week it was!

It’s always exciting to see the crazy amount of people at this show! Great people – salt of the earth folks. Everyone is so kind, but also intelligent, diligent, and prepared for life. It is the exact opposite of what the MSM would say about this group of people, who by the way, are from all over the world!

Men and Women at this show are serious about our rights and preserving them.

We spoke to hundreds of folks! Our voices are now scratchy and our feet are on fire, but it was all worth it.

We had, as usual, a fantastic response to our BarrelBuddy product! Hearing over and over again “why did it take so long for this to get invented?” !

It was an honor to meet so many of you, and please reach out if you are ready to do business with us. You can reach me at

Hope to speak soon, and we’ll see you next year at Shot!