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With the shootings that have taken place in Texas and Ohio, as expected, all the same voices from the Democrats and the media came screaming for Gun control. The most concerning of these gun control schemes are Red Flag laws. These laws are basically “thought crime” laws – where a person has not yet done anything; but, we will take a person’s guns because they have made statements that someone doesn’t like.

The goal of the left is total disarmament of the civilian population, make no mistake about it. No tyrannical despotic government has ever risen without disarming the populace. These Red Flag laws are a major step in that direction. I have stated this in a previous post and I have a powerful ally that agrees with me on this topic.

Rush Limbaugh has voiced his concern about this topic on his program recently.

Here are some quotes:

  • He called Red Flag laws a way for the left to, “incrementally get what they want, which is law-abiding gun owners’ firearms.”
  • He went on to add when concerning the left “They want your guns. They want everybody’s guns. They’re just like the communists. They want your guns. They want full confiscation, and there is no majority for that in this country.”

We need to stand against these laws. There is no telling where they could lead. They slaughter the first amendment, are designed to come after and wreak havoc on the second amendment, while destroying due process as well.

The problem is not weapons, but the heart of man. Evil people will always find a way to perpetrate their rage. No laws can stop a person set on killing innocents. Disarming good people will only make it easier for bad people to murder. In past decades, everyone owned guns, had them in cars, unlocked and accessible. People left their doors unlocked. You didn’t see this mass-shooting phenomenon. Why? What is different now? You KNOW the answer, and that’s what we need to fix. And that can’t be fixed with the law of man.