My Kind of Sheriff

Posted by Spartacus on 29th Apr 2022

My Kind of Sheriff

These days the most positive news seems to come out of Florida and it’s Governor Ron DeSantis. Here is another great story from Santa Rosa County in Florida and its sheriff Bob Johnson.

It appears that a career criminal Brandon J. Harris broke into several homes in succession, one of the homeowners took a shot at him but missed. The police eventually captured him when he jumped through a bedroom window.

The reason that this story became national news is because of the sheriff’s statement about the event. Here is the quote, “If somebody breaks in your house in Santa Rosa County, and you shoot and kill ’em, the chances of them reoffending after that are zero and we like those odds.” I like those odds as well.

He even went on to say that the homeowner who took the shot should come and attend their gun safety classes, “you’ll shoot a lot better and hopefully save the taxpayers money.”

I love this guy!

You can read the full story here.