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I am not going to say a lot here as far as commentary. I will let the videos and stories speak for themselves.

In Seattle, the Democratic peaceful protests have risen to another level of love and understanding.

The loving protesters (Godless Communist Democrat supported Rioters) tried to seal the door at the Seattle East Precinct and then burn the police alive. This new level of love and understanding (Terrorism) has now escalated to true communist terror tactics.

You will see in the photos it appears that a quick-dry concrete material was used to seal the door of the East Precinct while they lit the building on fire.

This article also talks about the incredible violence taking place in Kenosha, WI.

You can read it here.

Yesterday 8/25/2020 in Kenosha there had been an appeal made to Citizens to bring arms and join the Militia in protecting lives and property.

The Kenosha Guard, a local militia, is making a call-to-arms for “any patriots willing to take up arms and defend our city tonight from evil thugs.” The groups Facebook warns of potential future destruction to the neighborhood, claiming that there is “no doubt they’re currently planning on the next part of the city tonight!” you can read about that here.

What I am going to post next is the best compilation of multiple video’s in one source of what happened last night. What you are going to see is a shootout, the police standing back and arriving only to pick up the wounded.

In the video it is hard to tell what side people are on, good guy from bad but it is intense with serious injuries and death. I fear this will not be an isolated event but is just a prelude to a Civil War.

Here is the Video.