The Ninth Circuit Court Hands Down a Pro-Gun Ruling

Posted by Spartacus on 25th Aug 2020

The Ninth Circuit Court Hands Down a Pro-Gun Ruling

For the longest time, the ninth Circuit has been considered the most left leaning federal court. It also was the most frequently reversed court.

In Duncan v. Becerra, the Court struck down California’s ban on firearm magazines of more than ten rounds, holding that the ban violated the Second Amendment. This is amazing and very welcome news.

There were 17 states supporting the California ban. The decision was not unanimous; it was a 2-1 vote. But for court-watchers, it was an astonishing thing to see it come from the Ninth Circuit. Six other circuits, specifically the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Seventh, and D.C. Circuits, had previously sustained large-capacity magazine (LCM) bans against Second Amendment challenges.

What changed with this court? In a word Trump is what happened. President Trump has appointed ten of the court’s 29 active-status judges. Combined with the three active-status appointees of George W. Bush, they are approaching the 50% mark.

This shows just how important elections are. If President Trump wins a second term and gets to fill two more vacancies, most of the Ninth Circuit Court judges will be Republican appointees.

So, make sure you vote. Our freedoms depend on it now more than ever.

You can read the full article here.