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The leftwing makes this statement all the time, that “we need to be more like other countries.” In fact, they say this when it comes to socialism, government run healthcare, and guns. It really helps underscore how much they hate the freedom our country allows the individual. They want everything dictated and run by a collectivist government.  

When it comes to guns, that must mean that there is no violence in these socialist utopias. So, let’s look and see how the disarmed sheep are getting along.

In Japan, two schoolgirls were killed, and sixteen others were injured when a knife wielding man started to slash at the kids standing in line for a bus.

To get a gun in Japan you need jump through these hurdles:

  • Take an all-day class.
  • Pass a range test with a 95%.
  • Pass Mental health and drug tests.
  • They then will survey your friends, relatives and co-workers to see if you should own a gun.

There are even more steps, as well as the police having wide ranging power to search and seize weapons. All this just to own a shotgun or air gun, all others are banned.

In England, almost all semi-automatic and pump-action rifles and shotguns were banned in the 1980’s. They then imposed a near total ban on handguns in the 90’s.

In 2017, gun crimes increased by 27% and knife crimes and acid attacks are off the charts. Then in 2018, the total number of homicides (which includes murder and manslaughter) surged 12 percent from the previous year, to 701 in England and Wales, for the year ending in March, the Office for National Statistics said. Police-recorded knife crimes have also ballooned 16 percent to 40,147. Gun crime saw a 2 percent uptick with 6,492 offenses over the same time period.

You see, the weapons can be banned but that doesn’t matter. What we have isn’t a weapons problem, it is a human nature problem. If you ban one means, people hell bent on killing will use something else.

All the solutions that the socialists are proposing will only affect the law abiding citizen and turn us into sheep in a world where the wolf population is exploding. I say no thanks to any of their solutions. I will keep my firearms.

To read the article where I gleaned these statistics, go here.