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BarrelBuddy is the New Tradition in Gun Cleaning.

In the Field

BarrelBuddy is perfect for the quick clean in the field before packing it down...

On Patrol

BarrelBuddy delivers the quality and efficiency officers everywhere demand...

On Mission

BarrelBuddy is perfect for the thorough cleaning that soldiers insist on...


BarrelBuddy outperforms other products and provides top reliability...

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BarrelBuddy is the Missing Link in Gun Cleaning Products!

BarrelBuddy is the New Tradition in Gun Cleaning Products for hunters and all firearm owners. BarrelBuddy is a Multi-Stage Polymer Barrel Cleaning product that scrubs, collects particulate, absorbs residue, and buffs clean all in one step. BarrelBuddy is the only gun cleaning solution that provides Less Mess, Less Hassle, and More Clean! We’re proud that BarrelBuddy is Made In America. BarrelBuddy is great for deep barrel cleaning sessions or quick gun cleaning. BarrelBuddy is disposable, so you aren’t dragging previous grunge back through your barrel, and you don’t have to wash BarrelBuddy’s.

Red Checkmark - trans In the Field: BarrelBuddy is great for hunters needing a quick clean in the field before packing it down.
Red Checkmark - trans On Patrol: Police Officers appreciate efficiency and effectiveness. BarrelBuddy is an investment, for your sake and for the citizens you serve.
Red Checkmark - trans On Mission: For those on Mission, ease of use and reliability are key. BarrelBuddy is perfect for the thorough cleaning that soldiers insist on.
Red Checkmark - trans Prepping: BarrelBuddy outperforms other products and provides top reliability. Make sure BarrelBuddy is on your checklist for your gun cleaning needs.

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"I'm Impressed!"

"I'm Impressed! The BarrelBuddy’s removed the fouling faster and with fewer passes compared to Patches. The BarrelBuddy is also much easier and efficient to use. But the real story is told by the finishing process, the BarrelBuddy left almost no residue in the grooves, versus quite a bit of residue left by the patches!"
Charles W. Crotser,
Civilian High Power competitor, NRA certified firearms instructor, Vintage service rifle mechanic, Experienced hunter

I am a convert!

"Recently I purchased several calibers of BarrelBuddy's, being a casual shooter I have used patches and cleaning wads for years.  I was amazed at the ease and thorough cleaning provided by the “buddies.  I am a convert."
Bryan Shadaker,

No Need to Look Elsewhere...

"Simple, Effective & Economical ! No need to look anywhere else but BarrelBuddy!"        
Matthew LaCombe,
Clay Shooter, Michigan

Awesome Product!

"Awesome product! I shoot a lot of trap, skeet and sporting clays and hated dealing with the patches, especially while between sessions at the club. Now I just run a BarrelBuddy through after my round and I am good to go. Clean as a whistle, inside a minute!"
Howard Humphrey,
Sportsman, Illinois

Sheriff Department - Customers for Life!

"BarrelBuddy does an excellent job cleaning the rifling of the barrel. We are customers for life!”
Christopher Swanson – Undersheriff,
Office of Genesee County Sheriff, Michigan

Take advantage of this product!

"I’ve been in law enforcement at the civil and federal level for over 30 years. I’ve used just about every product on the market to clean my firearms. This one is now my favorite. It lives up to its claims and is worth every penny. I particularly like that it is disposable. There are some other products that are good too, but I don’t like the fact that many make you either wash them, or drag old dirt back through the bore. I wish your company much luck and hope to see officers and our military taking advantage of this product."
Tom W.,
Law Enforcement Officer (ret), Texas

Go BarrelBuddy!

"I clean guns in my sleep, and I still hate it, but BarrelBuddy makes my life a heck of a lot easier! Go BarrelBuddy!"
Jeremy B.,
Army Ranger, Texas

I love BarrelBuddy!

"Ever since my husband passed away, I felt it necessary to learn to shoot and to be able to protect my children. Because of this I practice each week, but I detest cleaning my gun. This product (BarrelBuddy) makes doing this so much easier and less messy! I love how the “Buddy” holds the solvent and doesn’t drip all over. This is such a common sense product I can’t believe anyone would go back to the old methods. I tell all my girlfriends about it and I have gotten my shooting range to carry the product. I love it!"
Jennifer F.,
Single Mom, Michigan

I’ll never go back to patches!

"Since I instruct folks on how to shoot in all situations, I clean a lot of guns. BarrelBuddy makes the chore go much faster, cleaner, and efficient. I’ll never go back to patches!"
Ed “Buck” Williams,
Shooting Instructor, Texas

BarrelBuddy is a Registered Trademark U.S. Serial Number 85493726 – Product Patents Pending