A "Slippery Slope" Decision?

Posted by Spartacus on 26th Jun 2024

A "Slippery Slope" Decision?

A Decision that May Lead to “the slippery slope”?

Supreme Court upholds domestic violence gun restriction

As we approach the 4th of July, we see a victory in bump stock ruling, but we see another decision that opens many concerning issues.

The court on an 8-1 vote ruled in favor of the Biden administration on one of several federal gun restrictions currently facing legal challenges.

Writing for the majority in Friday's ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that since the United States was founded "our nation's firearm laws have included provisions preventing individuals who threaten physical harm to others from misusing firearms."

The provision at issue in the case "fits comfortably within this tradition," he added.

In reaching its conclusion, the court did not embrace some of the arguments made by the Biden administration in defense of the law, including that the government can disarm people who are not "responsible."

The concern of many gun owners is where this might lead.. The question when it comes to the government is always the same, what agenda is driving the direction?

Serious questions come to mind, one being who and what will determine a person’s fitness to own and carry a firearm?

Will this road lead to the disarming of individuals that have not committed a crime but are viewed in some way as “a danger” to others? Who will make these decisions and how will they be determined?

Again, we should view our rights through the lens of the frog being boiled slowly. Rights are chiseled away piece by piece, until one day we wake up to something entirely new, dangerous, and unintended by our founding Fathers.

What can we do?

Stay engaged, educate yourself, family and friends, be an advocate for defending our constitutional liberties, and be involved in state, local, and national issues that will shape the future for our children.

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